Ask Marina: What does my face cleanser do for my skin?

Cleanser will emulsify oils, dirt, debris and pollutants from everyday activity that collects on the surface of the skin to enable it to be removed with the help of water and a wash cloth.
Cleansers can treat a variety of skin types and concerns with various ingredients, many natural extracts e.g. a milky cleanser with lavender essential oil (like our harmony cleanser) can help to balance dehydration and excess oil in the skin, great for people with combination skin types. 

Cleansing the face morning and night is important to aid in the removal of loosened dead skin, prevent acne and allow other products you use in your routine to have an effect on the correct layer of skin without disturbance from these collected particles.

You may not realise but you are still susceptible to a build up of these particles when you are sleeping and if you applied any moisturiser, eye cream or facial oil then it’s definitely important to cleanse the morning after to remove the residual in order to re-apply your morning skin care.

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