Ask Marina: What do I do about blackheads?

Blackheads are common in people who have had or do have an excess oil flow as it stretches open the pores and allows for your natural and/or excess oil and dirt and debris from the environment to accumulate in the open pores.
To clean out the pores and reduce blackheads regular exfoliation is important, gentle exfoliant can be used 1-2 times a week, this will remove the layers of dead skin cells that are ready to be removed this will ensure a deeper clean, helping to prevent or reduce blackheads.
In some cases a more intensive approach will be needed to reduce blackheads and reduce pore size, this could include an AHA peel in the salon or microdermabrasion treatment. Alternatively incorporating a lower strength AHA product in your home care (to loosen the glue that holds dead skin cells together) and a beaded products to scoop out the dirt can be applied to your weekly homecare routine.
Keep in mind when using an AHA product you will need to increase you exfoliating at home as it will loosen dead skin cells which will need to be manually removed. Our blackhead treatment has glycolic to breakdown the dead skin cells and polyethylene beads to clean out the pores and can be used up to 3 times a week.
We also have a glycolic serum that can be used under your moisturiser (at night only as it sensitises your skin to sun exposure). Using this a few nights a week will increase your skin cell turn over allowing deeper product penetration and more effective results from any salon treatments you have in conjunction with homecare plan.
If you think you need a personalised plan to suit your lifestyle and skin needs please book in for a skin assessment and we can work it out together.  

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